Draw like a pro!

Have you ever looked at the sky at night and try match those constellations people have been talking about since ages: Ursa, Orion, Scorpius or even Taurus? Aren't they beautiful? What about finding funny ones that resemble everyday life objects? And finding them as fast as you can before they disappear from the sky.

Constellation is a simple but addictive pattern drawing game! It’s fun, easy to play and guarantees a great moment with your device. Draw and collect objects.


  • Draw as many patterns as you can before they disappear from the sky.
  • Win by clearing all constellations on screen.
  • Quick and fun, levels are short and can be played on the go.
  • Earn stars and upgrade your powers to draw like a pro.
  • Discover more and more constellations as you play and be the one who found them all.